Thursday, September 18, 2014
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Contract #: GS-35F-0065W
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IP - PBX  Voice over IP
Voice over IP
It's a Brand New World. Telecommunications is moving fast. Traditional ways of communicating are rapidly giving way to a New World ushered in by the Internet. AltiServ with Voice over Internet Protocol (IP) is designed for the new Internet era where data, voice converge into a single streamlined network. AltiServ gives you a wealth of features and sets the stage for the ultimate multimedia communications environment. With AltiServ you're ready to meet the Internet Communications Era head on.

Network Multiple Branch Offices with IP
AltiGen technology provides an integrated Voice over IP Gateway uniquely suited to businesses with multiple branch or remote offices. An AltiServ at one office translates voice into data packets that can be routed over an IP network like your internal Intranet or an external virtual private network (VPN). Another gateway at your call destination captures the data packets and converts them back into voice. The bottom line means long distance and interoffice calls cost you no more than you already pay to your Internet service provider! AltiServ with IP can network multiple branch locations, with a centralized operator. AltiServ 4.0 IP linked systems can be managed from one central location. The AltiGen AltiServ 4.0 systems supports centralized CDR by delivering multiple site Call Detail into a single SQL Database for unified system wide Call Detail reporting in a multiple site organization.

AltiServ systems allow a company to utilize traditional telephones, IP telephones (LAN/WAN Bases Telephones) or combinations of the two in a seamless communication system. AltiGen's advanced architecture raises the bar for the ultimate multimedia communications environment. The AltiServ Communications Server supports traditional telephone lines and trunks as well as the high-speed bandwidth of digital T1/PRI and IP Network Trunking seamlessly. With AltiServ only the customers needs determine the implementation.

VoIP Hop Off Call Support
This allows an extension password protected access to T1 or CO trunks on a remote system and 'hop off', to access an outside telephone number. This 'hop off' feature can be password protected and enabled or disabled on the remote system. Multiple OutCall restrictions for hop off calls are also configurable.

Voice over IP Trunking
A built-in component of AltiWare 4.0 is AltiWare IP, which in combination with one or more of AltiServ's Triton VoIP cards adds powerful IP telephony capabilities to the system. Up to six of the eight-channel Triton boards can be installed in a single system for 48 trunks of VoIP capacity (48 IP Trunks). For Leased Line VPNs. Or Tie line IP Trunking, up to four of the 24-channel T-1/PRI Triton cards can be installed per system to support an additional 96 VoIP ports (96 IP Trunks).

AltiServ with IP Design Excellence
The hallmark of AltiServ is that it delivers today's most sophisticated communications technology in a way that's simple to use. With AltiServ there are no cumbersome dialing plans with long numbering sequences and call delays. Branch office calls use a short 3 digit extension. Placing IP calls is virtually identical to using traditional phone lines. With AltiServ you simply press "9" when you want to access the regular public network and "8" when you want to place calls over an IP network, and AltiServ gives you voice quality that's second to none.

Streamlined Configuration, Easy Administration
AltiWare IP works with AltiServ running AltiWare Open Edition software (OE). There's no additional servers to buy and no complicated work a-rounds to connect disparate systems. AltiWare IP's integrated design gives you a clean, streamlined configuration with a single point of administration between networked offices.

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