Sunday, September 21, 2014
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Everyone's talking about E-commerce. From books and airline tickets to cars and condos, the Internet is the place to do business. In fact, experts predict E-commerce spending will reach $222 billion in transactions by the year 2001, up from just $13 billion in 1999. That's good news for your business. E-commerce has proven to be one of the most powerful new ways to:
  • Sell more products and services
  • Quickly and efficiently reach a wide range of customers and prospects
  • Improve operational efficiencies
  • Save on sales and operational expenses

    But to win in the exploding E-commerce arena takes a well-planned, well-executed approach. More than merely latching on to the latest technology, you need to build a total E-commerce strategy that focuses on your business a total solution that puts it all together.

    There's no doubt, E-commerce is a great way for you to sell more. But beyond meeting sales quotas, there's so much more that your E-commerce solution provides:

    Create new selling opportunities
    Opening your business on the Web means you give customers the opportunity to do business with you all day, every day. It's how you can reach customers in new markets that were before either off-limits or just not practical to pursue. You'll also create opportunities to offer complementary "sell-up" goods and services, so that you maximize each online contact.

    Strengthen customer loyalty
    With a well-designed, convenient online selling environment, you help create a unique site "experience" that makes for happy, satisfied customers. Because you've made it easier than ever to stay in touch, you can increase the frequency of customer interactions. Rather than out-of-sight, out-of-mind, you keep in the forefront of customers' growing click-and-buy habits.

    Gain operational efficiencies
    While E-commerce gets you moving more products to more customers, at the same time you're able to streamline and automate order management a double benefit to your bottom line. And by providing convenient "self-service" applications, like account inquiries, you further offload previously labor-intensive tasks.

    Target your business
    While you're taking on new business and filling orders, the data associated with your E-commerce activities all become part of a highly intelligent database that helps you learn invaluable lessons from customer behavior. More knowledge means you can quickly find ways to improve your business, and seize new opportunities.

    Your E-commerce solution is as unique as your business. It takes a highly integrated complement of communications features, hardware components, and applications, carefully selected to match your selling strategies.

    Lore Systems provides the expertise to bring it all together with a complete portfolio of high-powered, proven components that translate into your success in the expanding world of E-commerce.

    Web presence
    Your Web presence is central to your E-commerce strategy. With Lore Systems Web Hosting services, we provide servers, access, administration, software and 24x7 management for helping you create and maintain fail-safe, high-performance sites.

    Enterprise Internet access
    Lore Systems Enterprise Internet Access solutions work to provide the appropriate bandwidth, hardware, and access to meet the demands of your E-commerce applications and users. With everything from security and equipment to round-the-clock support, it's a highly scalable solution for establishing an Internet connectivity platform that adapts to your changing requirements.

    Web catalog
    An online catalog forms the framework for how your customers browse and buy your products and services. Lore Systems provides all of the ordering, payment and customer service processing applications required to build an effective E-commerce solution.

    Virtual storefront Lore Systems E-commerce Storefront Solutions provide all the key components and applications you need for establishing your virtual storefront, from secure transaction processing to Web hosting support. It's how you create a full-featured front-office for your customers' buying experience.

    Internet access
    Unlike other E-commerce solutions providers, Lore Systems doesn't have to rely on a third party to supply Internet access, a critical E-commerce element. As a proven leader in providing exceptional Internet service, we work with you to carefully analyze your Web-based connections, and then match your connectivity requirements with a mix of dial and dedicated options, and access speeds from 56 kbps to OC-12.

    Web hosting
    With features like a patent-pending server design and 100% availability guarantee (with select configurations), Lore Systems Web Hosting services delivers the reliability and performance required by today's E-commerce experience. Lore Systems Web Hosting services is a fully-managed solution, including equipment, software, design and support providing everything you need to establish and maintain a high-powered, customized Web site.

    Security services
    With over 20 years in data security, Lore Systems offers the industry's most comprehensive security solution. Our partnerships with leading security vendors allow us to give you a broad range of options, including security consulting services, choice of firewall software, token-based access, and a choice of managed security solutions.

    Design and implementation
    Lore Systems works with you to focus on the specific design and implementation concerns required by your E-commerce solution. We help you find the right resources to design the look and feel of your Web site and assist you in launching your Web-based business.

    Managed services
    Lore Systems Managed Network Service offers complete network design, installation, configuration, management and maintenance services for your communications infrastructure. Round-the-clock, real-time network monitoring and proactive network performance management not only relieve the strain on your internal resources, but you know your network is operating at its best, at all times.

  • Lore is hiring engineers, account managers and customer service representatives. Contact us for specifics.

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