Wednesday, September 17, 2014
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GSA Contract Holder
Contract #: GS-35F-0065W
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Hosting  Real-time Network Monitoring
Real-time Network Monitoring
Corporate firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and other security devices generate an immense volume of data that is virtually impossible to interpret without consuming significant in-house IT staff resources. Lore Systems provides the only managed security service available today that is fully capable of detecting, analyzing, and responding to the security data your network produces all in real-time.

The Process
  • Lore Systems’ unique technology platform aggregates log data and alerts generated by the leading commercially available firewalls, IDSs, VPNs, and other security devices and applications.
  •'s processing technology then correlates the data from across the enterprise and compares it against thousands of attack signatures to identify suspicious network activity.
  • Lore Systems security engineers, based in a 24x7 Security Operations Center (SOC), investigate each event and initiate a response in accordance with customized escalation procedures.
  • Working closely with the client, Lore Systems security analysts take action to defend against intrusions before a crippling loss of information can occur.

    Lore Systems’s Security Professional Services (SPS) group combines today’s most advanced information security expertise with business-friendly methodology. The result: a sound security strategy that carefully balances critical operational requirements with vital information security needs.

    Unparalleled Expertise
    Lore Systems consultants have a proven record of success and an intimate understanding of the latest security technologies and vulnerabilities. Lore Systems has successfully completed security assessments and provided incident response for hundreds of organizations, including global Fortune 1000 corporations, mid-size organizations, and portions of the nation’s critical IT infrastructure.

    Proven Methodology
    Our approach identifies practical strategies to enhance your security and provides the knowledge and resources for effective implementation. By combining hands-on instruction with formalized documentation, Lore Systems ensures that clients are equipped with the knowledge and resources to keep their information secure in the future.

    Specialized Tools
    Lore Systems uses both proprietary and publicly available resources to expose information security vulnerabilities. With customized monitoring and analysis tools, our information security consultants are able to identify malicious activities and security vulnerabilities that are often overlooked.

    Tailored Relationships
    Each relationship begins with a careful assessment of the client's unique business practices and thorough mapping of the organization's IT infrastructure. After identifying the client’s core business needs, Lore Systems develops a customized information security solution that combines expert consulting with product and service recommendations.

  • Let Lore manage and monitor your network and server applications.

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    Protect your network from worms, viruses and denial of service attacks.

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    Lore is hiring engineers, account managers and customer service representatives. Contact us for specifics.

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