Monday, September 15, 2014
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Lore HUBZone
GSA Contract Holder
Contract #: GS-35F-0065W
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IT Consulting  Network Consulting
Network Consulting
Lore Systems helps ensure that your employees have the right tools and information they need at any time, by optimizing your IT infrastructure and delivery capability. Our services are backed by our 15 years of experience managing complex data networks.

Configuration and Software Management
Lore Systems will track, test, and maintain the most current software releases for you. As your requirements evolve, we work with you to redesign and reconfigure your network as necessary.

Technology Procurement and Acquisition
Lore Systems offers and supports equipment and corresponding software from leading technology vendors. We will help you architect your system and source the required equipment.

Wide Area Network Design
Lore Systems designs appropriate hardware and software configuration, including addressing, routing protocols, traffic prioritization and more.

Implementation Coordination
Lore Systems handles all aspects of implementation, including access, installation, transport, network CPE and router configurations.

Performance Reporting
Our web-based performance reporting collects valuable data and organizes it into a meaningful format so that we can help ensure your network is operating properly. Customers have access to these reports, which can be viewed or downloaded.

Real-time Monitoring
Lore Systems' Managed Network Services Center (MNSC) provides 24x7 monitoring using Aprisma's (Cabletron) Spectrum management system.

Hardware and Software Maintenance
We help you select the appropriate maintenance options for your hardware and software.

Managed Network Services
We will help you bundle your transport service and the necessary routers or ATM devices to deliver a total wide area network solution to efficiently and cost-effectively address your specific requirements. Our suite of Managed Network Services bring you a total internetworking solution.

Let Lore manage and monitor your network and server applications.

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Lore is hiring engineers, account managers and customer service representatives. Contact us for specifics.

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Protect your network from worms, viruses and denial of service attacks.

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