Cloud Computing

Benefits of Virtualization

Transform IT Infrastructure with Enterprise-Class Virtualization

Create a self-optimizing IT infrastructure. Virtualize servers, storage and networks, to transform IT infrastructure into an automated, always-on computer "utility plant". Reduce cost of IT infrastructure while streamlining the management of IT environments, and delivering better service levels for your business.

Minimize Your Total Cost of Infrastructure Ownership

Increase hardware utilization and reduce hardware requirements with server consolidation ratios commonly exceeding ten virtual machines per physical processor.

Reduce required datacenter square footage, rack space, power, cooling, cabling, storage and network components by reducing the sheer number of physical machines.

Streamline IT Infrastructure Management

Streamline the execution of IT management processes such as provisioning, capacity management, availability management, continuity management and service level management.

Eliminate cumbersome software installations and configurations with virtual appliances.

Decrease IT labor costs and refocus IT teams on value added, strategic tasks.

Provide Mainframe Class Availability and Reliability

Improve application availability and business continuity independent of hardware and operating systems.

Eliminate planned downtime for server and storage maintenance with live migration of virtual machines across physical servers and storage arrays .

Improve Recovery Time Objective and Recovery Point Objective in case of an entire site outage.