Malware: Is Your Security Enough?

July 11, 2016 by Lore Engineering Team

When it comes to malware, many companies have a false sense of security. They believe that since they have anti-malware software installed, they are safe from all attacks. Unfortunately, this is not true. Ponemon Institute reported in 2015 that enterprises receive approximately 17,000 malware alerts weekly, and most anti-malware products miss 70% of them.

Did you know that approximately one million new malware threats are released every day? Most antivirus products have difficulty keeping up with these new threats because they are dissimilar to the ones the products were originally programmed to identify. What this means is that companies need a better way to secure their computers and networks. In other words, they need more efficient means of malware security.

How to Set Up Effective Malware Security

No out-of-the-box IT product will safeguard an entire infrastructure, as infrastructures are complex and unique entities. The answer is to implement a comprehensive system of security that can protect all access points for threats.

1. Monitoring

The solution must contain monitoring of every system, such as the FTP, http, NetFlow, sFlow, jFlow, etc. Securing one gateway to a network is not good enough. Each pathway must be met with protocols that block the passage of malware threats. Monitoring offers companies the best defense against threats that attempt to take the back-door approach to infiltration.

With a dedicated API, monitoring is simple. All security tools and sensors can be implemented where they need to be in order to capture threats before they reach their destination. This is important since many malware files are programmed to activate at specific areas of a network for maximum damage. Stopping the passageway of those attacks will eliminate the damage they could have to entire networks.

2. Variety of Features

One of the downsides of out-of-the-box security products is the limited features included. Monitoring systems are feature-rich, and often come with add-ons for additional security for the unique needs of many companies.

When choosing monitoring systems, it is important to consider what features are included. Many vendors fail to provide a variety of features or the right ones for a network. Researching the features available will help ensure that you choose the right monitoring system for maximum malware defense.

3. Alerts and Notifications

The monitoring solution must also incorporate alerts and notifications. These alerts and notifications must identify all files that fit the threat protocol and seem suspicious, but may not meet all of the protocol requirements. This decreases the chances of a new malware threat attacking a system.

Alerts and notifications are important in stopping threats, as well as for fine-tuning the monitoring system. As each threat is examined after an alert is given, the system will begin to understand what is considered a risk and what isn’t, thereby providing companies with sophisticated malware prevention solutions.

4. Data Storage

Stored data is not immune to malware threats. SQL databases are rarely efficient in protecting data from attacks. Stored data needs to be monitored. Implementing monitoring solutions for stored data will safeguard your files, if disaster ever strikes.

Choosing the Best Monitoring Solution for Your Company

Usability is the #1 consideration for a monitoring solution for your company. Even if the monitoring solution is the most high-tech one you can find for securing your infrastructure, it will mean nothing if it’s unusable. What’s worse is that security software that is unusable can pose a huge security risk. When a user is unable to use the software, he or she won’t know when there is a threat. It encourages users to believe their network is secure when in reality, it really is not.

Pricing and licensing is another important consideration. The provider should be transparent concerning pricing and licensing requirements. Features should be explained, as well as any add-ons that could be an additional cost. Hidden costs should never be tolerated, and needing to pay for an upgrade shortly after purchasing should be a deal breaker.

At Lore Systems, we offer the latest monitoring solutions for companies. Not only are they effective in identifying malware threats, but they are also feature-rich and user-friendly. Our pricing and licensing are completely transparent to ensure that customers receive reliable, cost effective IT solutions.

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