Enterprise Network

Firewalls & Security

The Internet is a publicly accessible network, so organizations are often concerned about security risks. A firewall is a security device placed between your network and the public Internet that is designed to protect you from unauthorized attacks. It monitors requests for access and authorizes users using various authentication methods. Logs are kept of each request for access to your network - whether attempts are successful or not. And your firewall can immediately alert your network administrator of any suspicious activity.

As well as protecting your network from external attack, a firewall can also be used to prevent abuse of your Internet resource from within, by logging and controlling the use of the Internet by users on your LAN.

Protect your network with a Firewall supplied by Lore Systems

Firewall solutions for every network need: Whether you need a UNIX or NT platform, Lore Systems will help you choose the firewall solution that is best suited to your network. We have tested and selected firewall systems from Ascend, Check Point, Raptor and others. Plus, Lore Systems personnel are available to assist with firewall installation and to configure your firewall system properly.