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Server Colocation

Bring your equipment to us

With some of the industry's most competitive pricing available on the market today, Lore Systems offers a number of flexible plans, all with the ability to burst to your site's changing bandwidth needs. Lore Systems can accommodate your equipment regardless of size. You provide Lore Systems with your equipment; Lore Systems puts it on its robust network and power grid. It's just that simple. Whether you need to colocate a single server or require a multi-rack solution - Lore Systems is the answer.

Lore Systems can colocate your equipment in one of our datacenters for a direct connection to the Internet on a Tier 1 MPLS-enabled network. Lore Systems colocation is ideal for businesses that require high speed Internet Web presence with no local telecommunications costs. Outsourcing your colocation is the logical and cost-effective alternative to building and staffing your own data center. Let Lore Systems focus on providing you with reliable and dependable access, while you focus on the bottom line.

Lore Systems's colocation services provide you with secure space for your own Web servers and equipment within one of our datacenters. We offer a variety of space options, including but never limited to secure racks, cabinets, and cages. Our colocation service also includes all of the necessary power and bandwidth to support your applications. You retain total ownership and control over the operation and maintenance of your equipment. For the ultimate performance, reliability and stability for your Web presence, Lore Systems offers business-class hosting platforms ideal for your Web needs. Lore Systems does not believe in a "one-size fits all" solution. We work with your requirements to custom build the perfect, most cost effective solution for your corporate and e-commerce needs.

The cornerstone of all Lore Systems Web solutions is an original Tier 1 (OC-12/OC-3) MPLS-enabled backbone complemented by a professional 24/7/365 staff, which proactively monitors your web presence. We feature an environmentally conditioned facility with top-notch security, redundant UPS, battery, and diesel back up systems.

Business Advantages

Higher customer satisfaction

Pave the way for repeat visits to your Web site by keeping the doors open for E-business 24 hours a day. guarantees 100% uptime for your Web site when you opt for a dual-site Internet Center configuration and 99.5% uptime for a single-site internet center arrangement. The bottom line is simply this: By using as your Web site manager, you're better protected against loss of revenues and loss of customer confidence.

Access to specialized Web expertise

Specialized Web expertise is hard to find, particularly in today's tight job market. With Lore Systems Web Hosting Service you have immediate access to some of the best technical people in the business. With as your virtual Web management team, you can focus your own staff on other strategic projects.

Efficient leveraging of technology

You don't need to be concerned about making costly capital investments in technology that soon becomes obsolete. makes the investment on your behalf. Rest assured that the technology that supports your Web site is the best available today.

Enhanced security

Where better to locate your Web site than in one of’s highly secure Internet Centers? They're built for survivability.

In addition, Lore protects your Web site with the best of today's firewall technologies. And because all user requests go directly to our Internet centers, the threat of a break-in to your company's internal network is minimized.

What Do Lore Systems Colocation Solutions Include?

  • Rack space
  • Your choice of burstable broadband access lines
  • Fully redundant power
  • DNS service
  • Conditioned environmentals

How Does Colocation Benefit Your Business?

  • Ability to perform your own system management
  • Advanced monitoring for complex Web sites
  • Premium management and monitoring of common Web hosting hardware and software platforms
  • Storage solutions that can be customized to specific needs
  • The advantage of a state-of-the-art network and technologies without the on-going investment in capital resources
  • Total management, freeing up your IT employees to focus on your primary business

Why You Should Choose Lore Systems?

  • ier-1 OC-12/OC-3 MPLS-enabled backbone
  • roactive, caring, professional, 24/7/365 staff
  • olid connectivity, provided by an original Tier 1 ISP
  • mmediate problem response
  • ome of the industry's most competitive pricing available on the market today
  • seasoned, stable, established company, with years of experience

Various levels of Managed Hosting are available, depending upon your Web site requirements:

  • Shared Hosting
  • Single Server
  • Multi Server
  • Custom Service

Our Managed Hosting Services are designed to ensure transparent and non-disruptive upgrades and program changes. Our Managed Hosting solutions are designed to grow as your business needs grow.