Cloud Computing

Web Hosting

With Lore Systems Web Hosting Service, you can turn your Web presence into a dynamic and strategic tool. Lore provides the latest server hardware, software and applications and makes sure your Web site stays open for business around the clock. In fact, Lore’s top rated Internet backbone, combined with a redundant Web hosting architecture, makes it possible to offer an industry-leading 100% dual-site availability guarantee.

Web Hosting Made Easy

You have constantly growing demands for Web services. You're looking for the least amount of labor-intensive site management and would like to decrease your Web hosting operational cost. You need a hosting solution that can grow with your emerging business needs. Lore Systems offers a hosting platform that effectively solves the operational challenges and costs of hosting. Enhance your Web Hosting ability with our solution while reducing the complexity, cost, and work associated with your web initiatives. The Lore Systems hosting solution is bundled with all the tools and customized support services you will need to maintain a professional Internet presence and provide your customers with the best Internet experience, because you will have the same functionality as a dedicated server with fast, accurate and robust performance. You will be able to provision new services for yourself without having to rely on phone calls and emails. Our array of Web options keeps e-businesses running smoothly. When looking for efficient Web hosting solutions, key factors include reliability, security, enhanced customer efficiency, and an easy-to-use platform. Our service will help you drive down costs and lower your barrier to entry into e-business while taking advantage of our nationwide MPLS-enabled broadband network.

Why You Should Choose Lore Systems?

Power: You will have virtually all the power of a dedicated server with the ease of use of the industry's best web-based interface which allows you not only to add email addresses, DNS, and more but to actually provision yourself new applications.

Security: Layers of internal and external security protect the systems' virtual servers, making the system highly resistant to operational failures and hacker intrusions. The VDS technology provides requisite firewall functionality for each account.

Technology: All packages include your own "Virtual Dedicated Server." We use technology which makes your account virtually indistinguishable from a dedicated server. You have web-based and command-line control over every possible configuration.

Real-time reporting: You can access online management tracking reports, log files and site performance statistics at any time from a secure administrative site. With this information you can continually enhance your Web presence to sustain interest and build traffic.

How Does Lore Systems' Shared Hosting Solution benefit your business?

  • Functional extensibility is quick and convenient
  • Administrative costs are low
  • Provisioning of services is automated
  • Self-provisioning by account owners
  • Step-by-step wizards enable you to upgrade your account safely and efficiently
  • Easy-to-use "Point & Click" installation of applications
  • Variety of features to choose from

Higher customer satisfaction

Pave the way for repeat visits to your Web site by keeping the doors open for E-business 24 hours a day. guarantees 100% uptime for your Web site when you opt for a dual-site Internet Center configuration and 99.5% uptime for a single-site internet center arrangement. The bottom line is simply this: By using as your Web site manager, you're better protected against loss of revenues and loss of customer confidence.

Access to specialized Web expertise

Specialized Web expertise is hard to find, particularly in today's tight job market. With Lore Systems Web Hosting Service you have immediate access to some of the best technical people in the business. With as your virtual Web management team, you can focus your own staff on other strategic projects.

Efficient leveraging of technology

You don't need to be concerned about making costly capital investments in technology that soon becomes obsolete. makes the investment on your behalf. Rest assured that the technology that supports your Web site is the best available today.

Enhanced security Where better to locate your Web site than in one of’s highly secure Internet Centers? They're built for survivability.

In addition, Lore protects your Web site with the best of today's firewall technologies. And because all user requests go directly to our Internet centers, the threat of a break-in to your company's internal network is minimized.