Network Engineering
& Management

As your information systems and network grow more complex, more companies seek the cutting-edge IT expertise Lore Systems offers to help them take full advantage of the networked economy. Lore Systems ensures that your employees have the right tools and information they need at any time, putting a world-class infrastructure and delivery capability at their fingertips.

Lore Systems's Managed Network Services can become the foundation upon which you can build other strategic capabilities, allowing you to have a greater flexibility to explore new business opportunities and develop new competitive advantages throughout your enterprise.

Our services are backed by our nearly 20 years of experience managing complex data networks. In fact, Lore Systems is one of the few organizations that you can look to for integrated solutions from the desktop all the way to the wide area network.

You can call on Lore Systems to address your requirements in any or all of these areas of expertise. We can provide you with ongoing management of specific IT and networking operations as well as one-time project consultation.

Configuration and Software Management

We work closely with our vendors in order to track, test and maintain the most current software releases. As your requirements evolve, we work with you to redesign and reconfigure your network as necessary.

Equipment Options

Lore Systems offers and supports equipment and corresponding software from leading vendors, including Cisco and Nortel Networks. Most equipment can be purchased, leased or rented (dependent on vendor and model). In addition, Lore Systems supports existing customer equipment (with current software levels, etc., if the equipment is currently supported by Lore Systems).

Wide Area Network Design Services

Highly-trained Lore Systems engineers analyze your requirements to determine the appropriate hardware and software configuration, including addressing, routing protocols, traffic prioritization and more.

Implementation Coordination

Lore Systems handles all aspects of implementation, including access, installation, transport, network CPE and router configurations.

Performance Reporting

Lore Systems’s Web-based performance reporting collects valuable data and organizes it into a meaningful format so that we can help ensure your network is operating properly.Customers have access to these reports, which can be viewed or downloaded.

Real-time Monitoring

Lore Systems's Managed Network Services Center (MNSC) provides 24x7 monitoring using Aprisma's (Cabletron) Spectrum management system.

Hardware and Software Maintenance

Lore Systems offers a choice of maintenance options for your hardware, depending on your application needs.

Managed Network Services is a Lore Systems network management service bundled with a Lore Systems transport service and the necessary routers or ATM devices to deliver a total wide area network solution one tailored by Lore Systems experts to efficiently and cost-effectively address your specific requirements. Our suite of Managed Network Services bring a total internetworking solution to you.